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Live beyond your ‘self’
Discover your true Essence

The Mission

To provide education in personal growth and spiritual character development,
transforming lives and creating a foundation for peace on Earth.

Tending The Light

The Most Important Choice

When you choose to be a student of your life, you commit yourself to suspending your usual
reactions to it and position yourself to begin creatively responding. You begin to override
surviving and start to become a student of understanding. You open the door to finding value, meaning, and purpose you never knew was there all along. This is the first step.

Accepting the Unacceptable

Acceptance does not mean approval.
We never have to agree with something we don’t like, but if we don’t override disapproval of that thing long enough to accept that it is happening, we can never be in position to learn the truth about why it is happening. Suspending our disapproval grants us permission to accept the unacceptable. The only motive for doing this is that we want to understand, more than we want to dislike. If we are to improve our lives, we must go beyond judgment. How can we ever
understand what we don’t first accept. This is the second step.

I Am a Being

Heart and mind are two aspects of our true nature. Coordinating them with our will, the third
aspect, empowers us to build character as persons. The idea here is to become aware of our
true nature. We are beings not just humans. We are persons with hearts, minds, and souls.
Discovering the truth of this empowers us to transform our identity from a personality-driven
human, to becoming a being who knows that he or she is a person. This is the gateway to life.

Living Out of Essence

The mind, if it’s willing to go far enough, can discover the truth about any circumstance it wants to know. However, only with the heart can one sense what is important because sensing the essential is a capacity exclusively within the heart. Essence, because it is intangible, is invisible to the mind. Therefore, coordinating our capacity to sense with our heart what is important, and with our mind what is so, positions us to bravely live beyond just surviving. This is the third step.

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