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Personal Growth Education

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(Four Classes)

Coming Soon! Four Classes that initiate Personal Growth Education:

We Start with Attitude

What we all have in common as struggling human beings is whatever our attitude is. The importance of attitude is profoundly influential in everything that happens inside and outside of us. This class opens the door to understanding the importance and power of the attitudes we choose inside us.


The Power of Choice

The power of choice is fundamental to what we get and where we end up. This class expands our awareness of our capacity to control our choices, which determines every good and true thing that happens in our lives.


The Key is Relationship

Correcting the course of our attitudes and our choices positions us to explore the importance of relationships with significant others in our lives. Those who are near and dear to us are the relationships where the scenarios of learning are all played out. This class lays out the foundation and dimensions of this crucial part of our existence.



The Value of a Worthy Partner

Through failed attempts in our relationships, it becomes clear that there is a quality that we need to have be present in order to overcome difficult circumstances we face in our lives. That quality is a necessary element because it serves as a common ground for both partners to learn and grow. A worthy partner is someone in whom you have learned to have faith and trust and will be steadfast in their service to that quality. This class directly addresses the nature of that quality and explores the truth of why it is essential for success in relationships and personal growth.

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