Centre for Transformation


The Centre for Transformation is for you

The Questions

WHY choose to participate in the Centre for Transformation?


Because, you are yourself, from birth, a center of transformation.


Consider, and answer if you will, these three questions:


  • Do you want more good in your life? Yes or No?
  • Do you want more true in your life? Yes or No?
  • Are you willing to pay whatever it takes to get them? Yes or No?

Common Ground

If you have answered yes to all three of these questions, you are affirming a common ground with every person who has declared the same. Moreover, by doing this, you have identified a concern that is greater than any difference. You have actually established a common ground upon which to address and work through differences we have within and between us. On this common ground, we can all learn to grow in our seeking light and love and find better ways to live together.



The Survival Matrix

It is hard to believe that there is another way of living other than the way we were taught to live, namely, using our survival mentality. The Centre for Transformation advocates and teaches an alternative way to live other than in the Survival Matrix. We have learned how to live out of fear, and specifically, fear of lack, and we have become reduced to being driven by our fear of the dangers of life happening to us. So, we have learned all manner and means of defensively coping and dealing with our life circumstances. In our attempt to service our fears, we manipulate and control ourselves, others, and the world around us. Many of us believe the only way to succeed at surviving is to “win” through control, competition, and domination. Our history is filled with instances of trying to control everything out of our fear of lack. Today, we can ill-afford to go on believing that fear-based survival is the only way to live.

The Way Out (The White Pill)

We are all “centers of transformation”. We have learned it is self-defeating to fight the transformational process in our lives. We are learning to allow this process to guide and teach us how to live. This process bears witness to a Way of Understanding that leads us to settle down, center in, and become anchored in the truth of who we are as human beings. When we discover our essential nature is our spiritual nature, we are then free to succeed with the task of integrating our spiritual nature with our human nature. This is a way of understanding everything – everything that is, has or will happen to us. Engaging ourselves in this process opens the way to a transformational shift in our identity. This process of awakening, beyond the optics of survival mentality, reveals the true meaning of life, and thereby, our destiny to live life fully. Experiencing ourselves as centers of transformation, we are awakening to who we are, what real love is, and how to live life more fully.

Transformational oath

I want more good in my life.
I want more true in my life.
And I’m willing to pay for it.
I want to be a student of understanding.

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