What is the devil?

In this short clip, Michael teaches us about what the devil really is, and how it effects our everyday lives.

Michael offers a unique, off-the-cuff perspective on this interesting topic.

Self-reflection questions:

Complete the quote from the video:

"Why would I be worried about the devil, when all I have to do is go toward ___?"

How do you feel about that quote?

Michael states that the “devil’s advocate” lives between our ears. Can you think of times in your life or within your relationships where that  truth has been evident? 

Michael states that his objective is to be with a person so that they can learn to speak back to that voice that’s between their ears, to find peace.
If you have been working with Michael and the Centre for Transformation, I’m sure you can reflect on how your own relationship with the “devil’s advocate” has been shifting as you’ve been doing the work. Perhaps it has been changing the way you interact with others as well. 


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